The Whole Man

THE WHOLE MAN will be available February 7, 2017


Evan O’Cleary: She was in a strict no-fly zone when it came to dating. She’d escaped an awful relationship and the last thing she needed was to get involved again. With anyone. But especially with the guy who ran out on her 10 years earlier. Who cared that he looked even hotter now? Did it matter that her mind went to dangerous places whenever he looked at her? That her heart, well, her heart could just shut up.

Because yeah. She cared and it did matter. Too bad she’d changed too much to admit it. But maybe just a kiss…

Jesse “JB” Walsh: He remembered every fantastic inch of the beautiful girl he’d met a decade ago, and he couldn’t believe he might get a chance to touch her again. Screw that. He WOULD touch her again. Except once he did, he started to feel again, too – and that was something he wouldn’t do.

Evan, though. He couldn’t stay away. Until he found out something about his family that blew him away, and he and Evan apart.

But this time, he wasn’t the one running.